Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Eating is a very important habit in our daily life. so students,
pay close attention to what i'm teaching today...

healthy food vs junk food!!!
do you like to eat chocolate?

what about ice cream?

what about this one?


you must like this aren't you?

All of this are called JUNK FOOD!!

As i mention earlier, eating is so important and that's why you need to eat healthily. You may found junk food to be very tasty and attractive but you need to always keep in your mind students..that junk foods are totally unhealthy!!!
Not that i'm saying that you cannot eat all your favorite food at all, it just that you need to control what you eat . 
okay students?

I have a few suggestion for my lovely students about what to eat n how much you should eat it...so lets see what we have here....




rice....mmm my favorite



all the food above looks so delicous right??
but you need to remember that not all delicious food are healthy so choose wisely about what you want to eat ya?? 
don't forget to eat lots of vegetables, fruits and eat according to the food pyramid so that you can maintain good health!!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Introduction as usual...

Assalamualaikum, hello people..
Today I have a sense of responsibility about my career in the future which is to educate people. Its seems like  today I would like to just try and get some idea on how to educate my students through my blog. I really hope that with my lecturer Mr. firdaus  Ahmad Shater guidance, I will be able to produce a quality blog to educate all of my students in the future. Actually the main reason why I create this blog is because we are told to do so by our lecturer for subject DPNT 5103 Educational Technology which require us to have a blog which function to give knowledge to people. I pray that everything will be just fine and I will be able to get A for this subject. Ameen. :)